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Free MP3's Video clips


Old Punk Show Flyers, Pics, and Set Lists


The originial "Dance Hall Crashers" live at 924 Gilman - 1991 - 5 songs


"WAR" - Performed by Switch Stance



(Clash Tribute band) Video/Music


Operation Ivy - Free Video Clip

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The LJ's 

"Along The Tracks Of Time"


About the band Zebu

The HO

Hunde Scheibe


Shows in local Bangkok area

Blood Thirst Spider

CJ's Body Suspension

lick for YouTube video

Low Fat

The Klong Riders


Bone Clone

New Music Release

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It's So Lonely             People Everywhere




The band - X

Burning "X" of love - Go to the X web site


What Happened To You?

"Electric Words"

Solo Music By Joey Schaaf

The JJ's- "Child's Play"

Music by Joey and Jaeden Schaaf

"The Sound Of One Hand"

With one hand, a giant Confucius temple drum, Tibetan singing bowls and a Moog synth iPad app. this sound experience was created.

Giant Confucius Temple Drum at the Museum of Engravings in Suzhou, China


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He Sees The Colors

Right Now

I See It In You

We're In Too Deep

In The Name Of God

We Can Live Forever...

You'll Never Know How I feel







































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